As New Jerseyans head to the polls this Election Day, the Rahway Education Association reiterates its support for the re-election campaign of Governor Phil Murphy. As a labor union of public educators and school staff in Rahway, the REA strongly supports elected officials who prioritize the strengthening and support of public education in the state of New Jersey. Since his election in 2017, Governor Murphy has:

  • Signed Chapter 78 relief and ESP Job Justice bills into law
  • Paid more into the pension fund than any governor in state history, including the first full pension payment since 1996.
  • Expanded access to preschool and tuition-free community college for qualified students
  • Championed inclusion and diversity in public education
    • Expanded the Amistad Curriculum
    • Signed LGBTQ curriculum into law
    • Appointed the state‚Äôs first and second Black commissioners of education
  • Prioritized educator access to the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Supported a waiver in 2021 to cancel state testing requirements due to COVID

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